Horse Show Expenses:
Supply charge of $150 per show horse is charged once a year, due on March 1st before the show season begins.

You will be billed one (1) month prior to the show for stall, pro-rated tack stalls, entry fees & drug fees. Your check will be made payable to the horse show but mailed to Ingleside Farm.

You will be billed 2 weeks prior to the show for day care, estimated bedding (pro-rated), trainer’s hotel (pro-rated) and in some cases, for hauling.

Day Care: $100 per day, or $140 if 3 or less going

You may be billed after the show for additional decorations, bedding, hauling & other expenses.

Commercial Hauling: If we use commercial hauling, they will bill you after the show. If Ingleside Farm provides hauling, payment is due before the show. Hauling usually runs between $0.85-$1.25 per mile.

Tipping: You are expected to tip at the shows. There will be a designated tip collector that will collect and distribute tips. Remember to tip per horse and per class! If you have any questions, please ask Heather. (The advised minimum is $50 per class). If tipping is not done by the conclusion of the show, it will be billed on your next invoice in the amount of $50 per class.

Sale, Purchase or Lease of a Horse: A commission of 10% (minimum $500) will be charged on the purchase or sale of any horse represented by Ingleside Farm. Any additional expenses of travel, such as lodging, airfare, car rental, etc., will be billed at cost. 15% of lease fee will be charged on horses being leased, or $150, whichever is greater.

Horse Care Items:
If you own or lease a horse, you are required to own the following items for your horse. If you do not own all of the mentioned items, please see Heather about ordering them before March 1. All of these items will be ordered through Heather from Fennells, World Champion, Radon, Corcel and Top Notch Tails. Items may also be charged to credit cards.

For Home
• Sheet
• Blanket
• Hood
• Tail Set (if applicable)
• Tail Set supplies (if applicable)
• Leather Halter
Scrim Sheet
• NeckWrap
• Saddle
• Saddle Bag
• Tail Set Bag (if applicable)
• Bridle


Board and Training: $1000 per month-includes 2 lessons per week

Board: $550 per month-includes turnout

Lesson Board: $450 per month - includes 1 lesson per week

Private Lesson: $45 (approximately 30 minutes)
Semi-Private Lesson: $45 (30 minutes - weather permitting)
(2-3 riders - advanced)
Group Lesson: $45 (45 minutes - weather permitting)
(4-5 riders - advanced)
Tiny Tot Lesson: $35 (15-20 minutes; ages 4 & younger)

Discounted Lesson Packages
(must be used within month purchased)
4-lessons per month Package: $160; Tiny Tots $120
6-lessons per month Package: $225 (must be used within month)
8-lesson per month Package: $280 (must be used within month)

Lesson on Own Horse:

NOTE: $35 returned check fee. Must cancel lesson 12 hours in advance or pay for lesson.

Monthly Expenses
Vitamins and Minerals - must be put on credit card or billed monthly
Vet Services - must have credit card on file with Veterinarian
Farrier Services - must have credit card on file with Farrier
Drugs and Medications - on monthly bill or billed by Veterinarian
Body Clipping - $150 per clipping, on monthly bill, plus sedation

It is required that you have a credit card on file with all suppliers, veterinarians & farriers. You may choose to receive a bill from them, but your credit card will be charged if you do not pay within reasonable time. If you do not have a credit card on file they will not perform services.

For Show
• Sheet
• Bridle
• Show Halter
• Show Lead
• Show Fleece for set (if appl.)
False Tail (if needed)
Tail Brace (if needed)
Boots (if needed)
• Crop - (we recommend Steed with case)

NOTE: Board and training bills are due on the 1st of each month. A late fee of $50 will be charged on bills not paid by the 5th. All other bills such as dentist visits, repairs to tack and horse clothing, etc., or supplies purchased through Ingleside Farm are due as received by customers.